Inspiration is all around you. You’ve just got to know when and where to look for it.

Old Triathlete

The thing I love about triathlon is that it brings to life the saying: “you can never judge a book by its cover.” There are athletes walking amongst you everyday and you don’t even know it. And I’m not talking about the svelte, young, tanned Olympians you see on the TV. I’m talking about the mums and dads and kids in your neighbourhood. The ones trying to lose a few extra pounds, the ones that have a niggling injury that they’re working through, the ones ticking off their bucket lists and the ones that are out there training despite everything that’s in their life suggesting they shouldn’t.

You can’t underestimate anyone. And I mean anyone. That single mother with 4 kids that lives down the street, that older guy that walks his dog every morning, the 55 year old neighbour or the young teenage waiter in the local cafe. You’ll be amazed at what they’ve achieved. You just don’t see it on the TV or hear about it on the radio. BUT when you start to get involved in your community or join a club these people soon become apparent. They are the true inspirations amongst us and they’re right next door.

Over the past year I have got to know more and more of these inspirational people and heard their stories. So now when I go for a run in the morning I’m not only feeling good that I dragged my sleepy butt out of bed. I also get the added bonus of continually being motivated by the calibre of people that I see while I’m out there.

For example the other morning I was surrounded by the following people:

  • Lady jogging past us – Australian Half Ironman Champion
  • One of my running partners – Did his first Ironman at 40
  • Another one of my running partners – took 22 mins of his half marathon PB over the weekend (and he’s now over 40)
  • Lady in my street walking out her front door with her bike – Finished in the top 5 in her age group for ironman and chasing her dream to make Kona one day
  • Group of riders that passed us – consisted of a mother of two training for her first Olympic Distance triathlon, a mother coming back from injury on her 5th ride and getting stronger, and another mother of two who’s preparing for her first half ironman and recently ran a sub 1:50 half marathon. (All working full time I might add)
  • A grandfather running past us – training for his next trail run which will cover terrain that would make most people cry

Bike SunsetAnd these were just the ones I knew. There were many more out there chasing their fitness goals and enjoying the sunrise that’s long gone by the time the average person wakes.

So if you’re new to this sport I recommend you keep your eyes and ears open, don’t underestimate anyone and get to know the real inspirational athletes that walk amongst us. They’re not on the TV, they’re right next to you swimming, riding and running and achieving amazing things every day of their lives.

Keep Smiling Tri Monkeys

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